Lillimure is a 21-year-old NYC-based artist. Her music follows her honestly through her experiences, creating an intimate vibe with the listener. Combining catchy pop hooks, melodic phrasing from jazz, and folk music's storytelling, Lillimure hopes her music can make people cry, laugh, and feel everything in between.

Lillimure has been writing songs and performing since as long as she can remember. She never considered songwriting her career path until a life-altering gymnastics injury. After tearing a ligament in her wrist, she found that making music was the only thing that emotionally satisfied her. With co-producer Jake Lasz, she released her Debut Album "Lillimure" in 2019. "It's been a dream of mine to have live musicians on every track, and to be able to work with the musicians I play with at my shows in the studio," exclaims mure. Her experience includes gigging locally and nationally in venues such as The Bitter End (NYC), Rockwood Music Hall (NYC), The Viper Room (LA) and The Bistro (SF). You may also have seen her at the New York Botanical Garden's 2019 Spring Uncorked Festival, and the 2019 Pleasantville Music Festival.

Fast forward to present day, Lillimure just released the music video for "Something" off of her self-titled album! "They say everything happens for a reason, I don't know if I believe it, but at least it's something to hold on to," sings mure. Who knew when she wrote the song back in 2018, how relevant the message would be today in 2020! This work is her proudest up to date and feels she has finally rounded out who she is as an artist and the facets she lends herself to. With direction by Manuela Muniz, the video captures Lillimure in many scenarios of everyday life with cameo appearances by some of her best friends. Be sure to check out the video on YouTube, subscribe, and follow her on Instagram/Facebook to get the latest updates, as many exciting things are on the horizon!