1. Something


I used to be able to look so far ahead
Now when I try, it's only a few feet
There's a whole lot I don't know, untouched, unsaid
and so much I can't wrap my head around
And I try to seem untouched by this world
But everyday I just don't know
We seem to be loosing ourselves in a string of lies
And I don't know if I can be silent anymore

They say everything happens for a reason
I don't know if I believe it
but at least it's something to hold on to

Sometimes late at night my minds filled with doubts
It gets clouded and shrouded , words drown in my mouth
But there's nothing I'd rather do
Recently I've seen the masses take a toll on you
And I'm sorry that there wasn't more I that could do
Oh I love you

Last night,I don't remember what I said
But I know I meant it
You've got a lot on your mind,so do I, you need the space, and I get it
There's a lot I gotta figure out before I know what to do
But I promise to come back to you

I know somehow somewhere I'm preaching something to someone and if you find the answers can you share it with the rest of us